If your dream is to exchange your wedding vows barefoot on the sand, with the rustling sea in the background, while guests gaze upon you moved, yet thrilled at the same time, then a beach wedding is right for you. Getting married by the sea is very fashionable and many couples choose it to live unforgettable emotional moments along with friends and relatives. Until a few years ago, in Italy, it wasn’t possible to celebrate weddings at the beach for bureaucratic reasons. In fact, marriage was to be celebrated in the place the publications were made. Since 2013, the civil ceremony has also been liberalized at the beach and more and more municipal administrations grant permission to couples, sending the mayor or another official to celebrate the marriage. Like all major events, however, it needs some adjustments to be perfect. First of all, the choice of theme that must be consistent in every detail, from participations to the layout of the reception tables. Another thing to consider is the wedding dress. It will have to be comfortable and without too many frills, even better, a short dress in the shades of beige or in the ever- elegant white. A wedding on the beach requires a less formal style than it would in a church or town hall. Also your guests will have to choose a more casual look. No shoes with heel, but flip-flops and sunglasses. Obviously, as early as the invitation, the guests will have to understand what to expect on the wedding day. The next step will be choosing a color as a “fil rouge” to your event. If, for example, you were to choose pink, we could find it in the flowers and ribbons that will embellish and decorate the tables and candies for the reception. Also the handle of the bouquet could be wrapped in a ribbon of the same color. The set-up will have to be very essential, but with a touch of levity. Elegance and simplicity are always the best choices to make the big day evocative and romantic.