2018 seems to be the year of sales. According to a survey conducted by Format Research on behalf of Confcommercio, more than six Italians out of ten will go shopping (+ 3% compared to last year). In detail: the percentage of Italians who make purchases rises up to 61.4% compared to 58.5% last year.
In the ranking of the most popular items: mainly clothing (93.7% against 92.1% in 2017), footwear (77.1% against 79.2% last year), scarves and gloves (35.1% against 32.1%) and underwear (29% against 27.4% last year). The percentage of online purchases is also very high (15%), especially in Northern Italy. On the one hand, buyers look for quality, on the other hand they are not willing to go over their established budget. More women than men (67.9% against 55.4%) will go shopping, although it seems that men will spend a little more: over 200 €. And there is one more difference: while men prefer to buy at the usual shops, women look for the most convenient product in different shops. The important thing is to avoid the temptation of buying products that are too trendy. It is better to invest in items that reflect your own personality and are supposed to last. Rather indulge yourself in buying nice accessories. Colourful bags or sequins will be in fashion this spring and summer too (see gold, silver and colourful sequins in the fashion shows by Versace, Gucci, Dior, etc.). And remember that timing is everything during the sales period. The first days are important for finding the best opportunities, but also the last days, the days of “everything has to go” could be an opportunity to scratch some itches.