Every year we give flowers, we look for a suitable gift, we prepare cards full of little hearts to celebrate our mother, but have you ever wondered when this tradition was born? Introducing it in Italy, in 1957, was Don Otello Migliosi, a priest from the village of Tordibetto in Assisi. Then the party became part of our calendar (for several years on May 8th and then move on to the second Sunday of May). This feast has very distant origins, in fact it derives from the ancient pagan rites to celebrate the rebirth of spring and the re-bloom of nature and were called the days of the “Great Mother”, symbol of fertility. In the United Kingdom, the tradition of celebrating mum began in the 15th when the Mothering Sunday was celebrated at the beginning of Lent, during which children living far from their families could return home for the occasion. At the time, in fact, the children lived far from families, forced to work to earn a living or to learn a trade.

In France, however, the idea of ​​celebrating all mothers was by Napoleon in 1806, but it is only since 1926 that it is considered a national holiday. In the United States it was President Wilson who made it official in 1914, after the American pacifist Ann Reeves Jarvis and her daughter Anna organized several events and events in favor of their mothers in the 1960s and 1970s. The symbols of this festival are red, hearts and pink, a flower that represents the affection and gratitude of the sons.