Giving and receiving flowers is a simple gesture, but rich in meaning. Flowers are delightful and striking, and nourish the spirit. Just looking at them fills you with emotions and puts you in harmony with your surroundings. Flowers express feelings. There is even an art of Japanese flower language called hanakotoba“Say it with a flower” is a motto that has been handed down from generation to generation and has always been a good way to feelings when there is a lack of words. This is why  it is important to know their meaning and the language residing in their petals to avoid embarrassing situations. In fact there are flowers that express negative emotions, such as the mistrust of the lavender, the pain and sadness of the calendula. If you want to give a nice bouquet to a friend, you can opt for the CALLA to express sincere friendship and esteem. It is frequently used in baptisms, communions and weddings. The DAISY, on the other hand, is a simple flower, but is said to have prophetic faculties: this is precisely why lovers consult it to know if their love is reciprocated. The ORCHID embodies the harmony of all things and is a refined and elegant gift that expresses a pure and sincere feeling. Then, to wish success to someone who is starting an important endeavor, the perfect flower to give is the IRIS. For any occasion related to love, friendship and affection, the queen of flowers is the ROSE. For a passionate gift choose red long-stemmed roses to reach the heart of your loved one.