If cooking is your passion, don’t lose the opportunity to create unique objects and delighting your friends and family with culinary gifts. What is sweeter than packing small goodies to give to your love. It is not important to buy a gift, the one made in the kitchen is often more special because made with love. Some people, who may already have everything at home, is much more pleased to receive an object or a product hand-made. Just a bit of fancy and will and you can make and pack: cookies, jams, preserves, chocolates, liqueurs, etc .. The easiest thing to create is cookies, maybe using some original plate or some writing. To pack them, you will need a transparent bag for food and a colored ribbon (the ideal would be DECOFIOK). Just make a knot around the bag and wrap the ribbon for a tulip effect. A simple jar of glass will be perfect for homemade jams or homemade tomato. This kind of gift is very cute and easy to perform even for whom is less experienced in the kitchen. Just add some colored ribbon to make the packaging unique. For example, with a little RAPHIA, you can have a rustic but elegant effect. All that is hand-made has added value, that is the passion, dedication and commitment you have devoted to preparing it. Regardless of the economic value of a given object, hand-made things leave something of us. What will make the person who receives your gift happy is the time you have devoted to realizing it, trying to make it happy.